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Rotational Molding

In addition to being a molder of thermoset composites, Bo-Witt Products is also a custom rotational molder supporting Fortune 500 OEMs in the mining industry.  With Bo-Witt's engineering expertise, rotational molded parts are manufactured meeting specifications not typically achievable with the rotational molding process.  On-site capabilities include custom color blending, routing, assembly and controlled batch blending of reprocessed material.


"Nothing will ever be attempted if all objections must first be overcome"

Samuel Johnson

When the Bo-Witt team first contemplated integrating rotational molding within their compression molding facility; some team members thought it was a high risk, lofty goal. With the formation of a highly skilled team consisting of Bo-Witt's Mechanical Engineers & industry experts; Bo-Witt was up and running successfully within 18 months; molding products with tolerances that entrenched industry leaders could not maintain.

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